Referencat më të mira, të cilat e dëshmojnë cilësinë e produkteve tona izoluese janë vetë ndërtesat. Ndërtesa të shumta rezidenciale dhe komerciale janë izoluar me URSA lesh mineral dhe polistiren të ekstruduar (XPS), si ndërtesa të reja, ashtu edhe ato të renovuara.

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The 1873 built Kempinski hotel in Vienna was renovated in 2012 and URSA played a role with delivering URSA GLASSWOOL as a solution for the internal walls.

The Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, previously Hotel Catalonia Plaza Europa, is located in a skyscraper in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Catalonia, Spain.

For insulating the attic of an historical estate in Schkeuditz / Germany, the architects and craftsmen used URSA CLICK.

The impressive building is the new headquarter of Microsoft Germany. The ambitious architecture makes this building an eyecatcher next to cologne harbour.

In Roth / Germany, URSA delivered PureOne 180mm for external walls. With PureOne, the architects chose a product which is related to good quality in both, thermal and acoustical insulation.

With the main focus of attention on energy efficiency and efficiency of resources, iba AG in Fuerth built up its new headquarter.

A multi-storey residential building built in 1905 was modernized in 2010. The entire building and also the roadside facade are under monument protection.

Two new halls for the machines and snowplows were created on the airport Leipzig / Halle to keep the airport free from snow and ice in winter.

In Leipzigs Park-district "Musikerviertel" lived once the famous publisher-family Reclam. Today, new multi-family-houses impress this historical area - insulated with PureOne.

At this reference, high insulation of digesters was needed to maximize the recovery of waste.

The Building is located in Dornbirn and is created due to a Passivhaus.

In this impressive stadium which was built for the UEFA EURO 2012, URSA delivered its products as a solution for the ceilings.

PIXEL Business Park will consist of five buidings. The construction of the first building was completed in 2012.

The investment is located opposite of one of the most beatiful and largest forests in the vicinity of Michałowice, in Zalesie.

The Myriad by SANA Hotel was originally built as the emblem of the EXPO 1998 in Lisbon, afterwards it was changed from a tower into a hotel.

For the 14,000 square meters of acoustic insulation in the building, URSA provided PureOne, a white highperformance and fire resistant mineral wool that helps significantly to improve air quality inside buildings where it is installed.

The first multifunctional complex in the capital of the Southern Federal Distric -  Rostov-on-Don.

The first in Russia and Europe's largest indoor ski slope. The total area of the slope is 24.000 square meters.

When you are looking at the photo, It may seems that you are walking in Barcelona but in fact you are standing in front of the Hotel Barcelona in Ulaynovsk.

The Congress and Wellness hotel Tenis is a modern complex with a plenty of possibilities to do sports and wellness. But not just the performance in sports, also the acoustical performance of this hotel is fantastic - with URSA DF 40 and URSA TWP 1.

The One Fashion Outlet in Voderady opened in Spring 2013. URSA delivered the insulation for the internal walls as well as the ceilings.

The Hotel Sliezsky Dom is the highest located hotel in Slovakia and needs therefore a good insulation in thermal issues. URSA delivered the solution for the external and internal walls.

Complete renovation of external wall, roof, windows, doors, floors and part renovarion of heating system.

Complete renovation of external wall, roof, windows, doors, floors and part renovarion of heating system.

The Centro Polivalente de Barcelo in Madrid is a commercial center which also includes a library. It was built in 2013 in the heart of Madrids capital.

This residential house, located in Barcelona, was created by the famous spanish architect Joaquin Torres. URSA delivered URSA TERRA Vento Plus for the thermal and acoustical insulation in the ventilated facades and the ceilings.

The Centro GENyO was built in 2008 with a budget of more than 15.000.000 EUR. It accommodates a cooperation of the pharmaceutical company pfizer, the University of Granada and the regional Ministries of Health and Innovation.

The San Mamés Stadium is the football stadium of Athletic Bilbao.

Family house in the Czech Republic, with a woodframe construction insulated with URSA PureOne as a solution for better thermal comfort.

The CEITEC - The Central European Institute of Technology, is a scientific center in the field of life sciences. CEITEC's new administration building is insulated with URSA TWP 1 and URSA TWF 1.

The worldwide acting Ibis hotel group, which belongs to Accor hotels, decided to insulate the internal walls of it's new hotel in Olomouc with solutions from URSA Insulation.

The Technical University of Liberec gives education to more than 9000 students - in their new building complex, URSA delivered the product TWP 1 for Internal Wall Insulation.

The impressive multi-family house in czech's capital prague has a high comfort in acoustics due to internal wall solutions from URSA.

The project called Laurus Offices consists of a 3 buildings scheme, each of 7+2 levels including an underground garage exceeding 240 parking lots and surrounded by open-air parking spaces.

URSA was appointed for finding a solution for insulate the large halls due to acoustical reasons.